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by SixShutouts66 (2017-08-20 12:50:40)

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I listened to the first 45 minutes of the 90 minute interview, which covered the ND and high school years. At times Hawk was showing his years and rambling a bit, but this interview should be archived for its historical perspective and to capture the essence of a great ND man.

Some highlights:

Appreciative of Fr Hesburgh - if you want ND, you accept all its students.

Thanked Coach John Jordan for forcing him into speaking and training him. Hawk was angry with JJ after fumbling through his first foray and lit into him for setting him up for failure. Coach responded that he had 2 minutes to talk next week.

Dashed off a quick English paper. Prof spoke to him "Hawkins, you have insights most of these other students don't have - don't write me a telegram". You have to do a weekly paper for me.

Father Soletta started Hawkins love of poetry (he published a book of his poems) with J Alfred Prufrock.

No racial incidents at ND. Story of the first interracial date there

Tremendous love for ND (at least one of his children attended). Felt that the school valued him as a person and developed that. Many of these incidents led to his success in his post BB career.

Integrated his high school and was on the committee to ease the process as a HS freshman.

Took pride in calling himself "the black guy, whit guys could indentify with"

Lost a great man. Recommend you take some time to listen to him