Phenomenal deal
by KHADDAFI (2017-08-22 22:53:26)

In reply to: OT. Thoughts on celtics and Cleveland trade ?  posted by LAW83

Kyrie is superb and well worth the money/max deal.

IMO, Thomas is not a max player (one year left on deal) and will not last long at his current level, given his size and nature of game. He cannot guard. Because of his size, he struggles against elite defensive teams during the last four minutes (or so) of games. He is not Iverson. He is not worth a 4-5 year max deal.

The Celtics' roster will take some time to gel, but Brad Stevens has demonstrated terrific ability and growth as a coach.

The money aspects of the Celtics moves this summer cannot be underestimated. IT and Avery Bradley were seeking huge dollars. For different reasons, I don't think either is a long-term solution as a #1 or #2 player on a roster.

I'm particularly happy that the Celtics kept Jayson Tatum. Despite Duke hate, I think he's likely to be one of the best 2-3 players K has ever produced.

Note: the only guy the Celtics traded this summer who will be will be tough to replace is Avery Bradley . . . sensational defender, great teammate, underrated shooter. But he, too, was not a max player and will want that kind of money.