Not just Duke, obviously; KU is the same way. I noticed last
by Rosecrea (2017-08-23 10:38:45)

In reply to: Wow! NY Post's Mushnick says what we've all known re Duke.  posted by Georgia Hog

week that we were #6 in one of the early 2018 recruiting rankings. I scoured the list and KU was not listed in the top 66.
It dawned on me that the new strategy among the "Blue Bloods" is to just go out every March, immediately after being eliminated in the tournament, (with huge wads of cash?) and see what 1 year vagabond, tramp athlete they can provide food and shelter to for the next 6-7 months as a way stop to the NBA and hope at least most of his offenses are misdemeanors.

Probably a little overwrought but the Bill Self beatification movement in these parts is a little nauseating.