Random Thoughts
by Taxman (2017-08-27 19:34:52)

1. For some reason, I was looking through YouTube and stumbled onto the full game replay of the 5 OT win against Louisville. Then I looked at other games since then and it hit me. Since the football team laid a turd in the BCS Championship game, do you realize how many truly amazing moments the basketball team has produced? I mean really truly objective incredible moments-- not just hey how bout the scrappy little engine that could, isn't that cute moments. With all due respect to Digger and my era of the 70s, we are a Final Four appearance away from this perhaps being the golden age of ND basketball.

2. Watching the Louisville game, the other thought that hits you is what could have been had Cam Biedscheid not gone full douche mode.

3. I know Hubb has slipped in the rankings a bit, but at one point he was a top 50 guy, so go with me on this one. In a couple years we could put a team on the floor that has four top 50ish guys-- Durham, Gibbs, Hubb and Harvey. I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened in 30 plus years. If we can find another big (say a stretch four) in the top 50, we could have an entire starting lineup of top 50 recruits. How amazing would that be?

4. I said this before but it bears repeating. We are getting top 100 recruits that elicit mostly a yawn from the board. We have always bemoaned a short rotation, but (a) that has been Brey's style (and it mostly works), and (b) some of the back-ups just didn't have the same talent level as the starters (there was a pretty clear drop-off). Well, that second excuse will soon be gone.

5. I found it interesting that Brey admitted the team was running on fumes after the ACC Tournament last year and he felt lucky to have beaten Princeton. In hindsight, that was pretty obvious. That explains Vasturia losing his shot, Beachem looking out of sorts and Farrell not being quite as effective. You know Brey is going to ride Farrell and Colson until they drop this year, but it would be nice to spread the minutes of the other guys. I could see Pflueger hitting the wall if he plays 35 minutes a game. Harvey needs to be worked into the rotation over time. Before you get into a debate about why Brey should not play Farrell and Colson until they drop, I would say I understand why. I don't think this team has a really high ceiling-- with breaks it could make the Sweet Sixteen, but more realistically this is a one-and-done type team. Let's just make sure we keep the positive momentum, finish strong in the conference, make a good showing in the ACCT and get into the dance. Beyond that is gravy.

6. The 2019-2020 team is going to be the real deal. Durham, Harvey and Gibbs as upper class leaders and the new recruits. That's as much top 100 talent as we have had since Brey has been here.

Something to sooth your soul as the upcoming trainwreck of a football season unfolds.