Or Burns
by Kayo (2017-08-28 10:15:52)

In reply to: Don't sleep on Djogo.  posted by Georgia Hog

There are ten scholarship players who are eligible to play plus Matt Gregory, the walk-on who was awarded a scholarship for this season.

Seven guys played double digit minutes last year. Ryan played about eight minutes per game, but his time dwindled during the season. Torres played a little over seven minutes per game; but because he always played and played in key situations, I'd include him as part of the rotation. By my count, last year's rotation was nine deep early and was more like eight as Ryan played less in the second half of the season.

It easily could be nine deep again this season, and I believe every one of the ten recruited scholarship players can be a capable rotation player. We probably won't see a final rotation until February.

Eight or nine guys will force their way into the rotation. It could be all ten of them, but probability says someone won't play well.

These guys are certain to be in the rotation: Colson, Farrell, Pfleuger, Gibbs, and Torres (with the same time limitations as always). That's five.

Harvey is going to be too good to keep out of the rotation when he learns his assignments and adjusts to the speed of college basketball. That makes six.

Geben, Mooney, Burns, and Djogo will have to earn their spots in the rotation. The open question is who will play well enough to force Brey's hand when he gets the chance. Geben will have the best chance as the early starter; but like last season, he will have to play well to hold his spot.

I can't begin to handicap the others either in favor or against playing time. In part, it will depend on what the team can't get from the top six plus Geben. What they have to offer:

Djogo - extremely athletic; fearless going to the basket; don't know about his defense but he's athletic enough to be very good; has a three point shot but is inconsistent.

Mooney - typical Brey big man... can shoot, and can handle the ball; I need to see more on the boards, and I worry that his funky release will make him an inconsistent shooter.

Burns - tough guy who will mix it up on the boards and defend; allegedly had a good outside shot when ND recruited him, but I haven't seen it in practice; very quick, but not an exceptional jumper; good finisher at the basket.