I was thinking the same
by Irish2003 (2017-08-28 13:06:41)
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Brey is truly one of the gems in the game (one of the announcers made a comment during the '16 tournament along the lines of what recruit would not want to play for him), and Beilein seems like a genuinely good guy from the one time I chatted with him & ~15 years of watching his teams, even if he is at a school I cannot stand. The rest of that list looks very much in line with what I would have guessed, and I also figure Brad Stevens would be on that list if he was still coaching in college.

As you inferred & others mention below, I agree a similar college football list would be a heckuva lot harder, and I think it might be hard to come up with a list of just decent guys let alone ones who are Brey-esque where no one dislikes them. Among the top teams from the preseason poll, Swinney, Peterson, & Shaw seem like decent guys who win, Chryst & Fuentes are still too early in their careers, Richt & Helton might be like Beilein as decent guys at schools I loathe, Strong seems like a good guy but faceplanted at UT, and I'm at a loss to come up with more. D'Antonio is a tricky one as I think he seems like a good guy & has won (Stoops would be in this category if he hadn't retired), but they've also had some off-field incidents IIRC.

Edits- bleedsgreen04 brought up a few more that I also agree with
-Cutcliffe turned a Duke program that was barely 1-AA into a team that won 6-8 games. They'll never be confused for a power school, but he has outpaced their non-Spurrier historical norms and seems like a good guy - I always wonder if he could have had the gravitas to keep Weis in check when things went awry.
-Fitzgerald: NU wasn't that bad, but he's been pretty consistent and also runs a clean program
-Snyder: I don't fault him for the JuCo's given their program, and IIRC they've been pretty clean off the field too.