I just changed my mind
by crazymary (2017-08-30 12:32:52)

In reply to: Go back and watch ND/Winthrop from 2007  posted by bluengold07

despite what head coaches and advanced metric guys report.

You want me to watch one-game from a fucking decade ago? You've been at your best every single day of work for the past decade? You expect every referee to be perfect. On every single play.

Most every person will agree Brey is a great coach. I'd imagine, there's been a bunch of games in his tenure where you've said to yourself "wtf is he doing, put "x" player back in the game or get "x" player out now" or whatever the case might be.

Good grief, I'm certain you know more about rating refs than the head coaches, conferences and advanced metric statisticians who actually evaluate the referees every season. Guys like Eades, Ayers, Valentine, Luckie etc have the biggest games of the year (big TV, high notoriety games) for a reason. It's not because they are viewed as trash or because they're charging a cheap $500 rate. But they are highly watched games where mistakes happen and can be magnified. You've probably never even heard of Verne Harris despite him regularly being rated incredibly high. It's because he's based out on the west coast and doesn't like to go all over the country so gets very few high-profile games due to location. How many high-profile PAC 12 games are there yearly? He also does a ton of Mountain West games.

The problem is most fans (fanatics) are irrational when it comes to officiating and coaching. For that matter, irrational regarding the players too. Miss a call or draw up a terrible play and "x" is the worst!

The fact that coaches regularly request their AD people to line up Valentine and metric guys like KenPom consistently rate him out really well says a bit more than your single-sample from a decade ago.