Snyder clearly doesn't belong.
by Naughman (2017-08-31 12:56:34)

In reply to: Cutcliffe, Snyder, Shaw, Fitzgerald, Peterson, Patterson.  posted by bleedsgreen04

You don't win at Kansas State by doing things the right way, ever. To wit:

I'll grant you Shaw and Peterson, although Shaw is largely bound by where he coaches. I question whether he would operate on the up-and-up in a job where he had more free will.

Fitzgerald is neither a quality coach nor individual. His extended tenure is largely the product of modest expectations.

I like Patterson but question whether or not he's that clean. I certainly wouldn't put on the same level as someone like Brey.

If you think it's not that bad outside of the SEC, then you're just not paying attention. Urban Meyer is a confirmed dirtbag who allowed all sorts of shit to go on at Florida unpunished. Bob Stoops has regularly put kids on the field who have assaulted women. Jim Harbaugh has yet to meet a corner he couldn't cut. Most of the conferences are lousy with coaches from the Pete Carroll "see no evil, hear no evil" philosophy to player management.