Subject line is very wrong.
by bleedsgreen04 (2017-09-01 09:45:43)

In reply to: Snyder clearly doesn't belong.  posted by Naughman

I hadn't seen that (extremely recent) article you linked, but yeah, prior to this you'd have a hell of a lot of difficulty finding any dirt on Snyder.

What makes this all so ironic is that Snyder is easily Brey's closest analogue in college football: a guy who consistently gets the most out of lesser recruits. Hopefully Brey has now broken out of that "lesser recruits" slump.

As to Fitzgerald, he was just one of dozens of examples I could have used as a guy who doesn't cheat, I wasn't talking about his personality. Let's pick, say, Kirk Ferentz as an example.

As for your last paragraph, you pretty much named the 3 dudes anyone would think of when it comes to scumminess or cutting corners in CFB.

My main point was that college basketball is at least as bad as college football, if not worse, when it comes to cheating and cutting corners.