by Taxman (2017-09-02 07:42:03)

In reply to: "beyond that is gravy"  posted by abrogody33

I am the guy who, the day Demetrius Jackson was signed, said we would make the Final Four before he left. I missed that about one minute of the UK game. My bad.

Or the guy who has been on the Brey bandwagon 17 out of 17 years, even the ones without NCAA appearances. I took a lot of shit for that in the down years.

Or the guy who said 15 years ago that the hoops team would win a national championship before the football team. I'm sticking with that one.

In my 17 years on this board I have gotten some things right and some things wrong. That is the nature of posting a lot. But I am pretty sure I get a lot more right than I get wrong. In any event, when this team gets past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament next March, be sure to come back and publicly remind everyone I was wrong. Oh, and don't forget to use all caps in the subject line and lots of exclamation points.