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14-15 You we're discussing us as a bubble team in the preseason, we came a play away from the final four.

15-16 You said no way we overcome the losses of PC and JG and that you'd be happy with a tournament appearance. We came a game away from the Final Four.

16-17 Similar sentiments about a tournament appearance being the goal, we nearly win the ACC Championship and end up with a top 5 seed.

I can't remember a single season aside from 13-14, in which your offseason expectations have not been easily surpassed by Coach Brey and the team.

Throwing out comparisons to the football team has nothing to do with what is being discussed. You have made bold claims about the program following big commitments (DJ, Hubb) but when analyzing single seasons, you almost always predict things that the team easily surpasses.

Bonzie Colson is a top 5 player in college basketball.
Matt Farrell is a top 10 point guard in college basketball.
Mike Brey is a top 10 coach in college basketball.
Rex Pflueger and TJ Gibbs will make significant leaps as they embrace bigger roles. (As all Brey guys do as they get older)
DJ Harvey is one of the most ready freshman we've ever had in the Brey tenure.

To say that this team accomplishing anything more than an NCAA Tournament appearance in 17-18 would be gravy is nothing short of ridiculous.

I know most posters will run to your defense and cast me off as crazy for disagreeing with you, but my point here was simply to say believe in the program a little bit. Mike Brey has taken the next step and we are more than capable of contending next year.

I don't hold any ill-will towards you, I respect your status as a top dawg on this board, and I typically enjoy your posts (particularly the one's after games). Go Irish.