by tb-sb (2017-09-06 18:57:16)

In reply to: this sounds like a terrible idea  posted by cujaysfan

It will really hurt practically everyone outside the top 6 conferences and a few others teams.

Condiser this scenario, someone like Lillard comes along, falls through the cracks, maybe grows somes, and is only offered by low-majors. He breaks out and leads his team to a first round upset. He checks the NBA waters and is told to stay in school, that he needs to prove he can consistently play with the big boys. His choice now is(1) stay put for a year and improve or (2) sit a year at a "big" college and then play. Now he'll probably stay and go pro in a year (not 2). With this new scenario Kansas or Iowa State wins and Podunck St. loose.

The other changes I've seen this committee make are good for the entire Division I, but not this one.