FWIW on Kansas
by Ajax (2017-09-08 13:18:36)

In reply to: Correct. The top 5 will get top 20 players *  posted by btd

They have one top 20 stud and could very well land at least 2 more (they have room for 2 more based on available SS numbers).

No doubt a class of 3 top 20 recruits is going to trump what ND will have with the 3 verbals and Lasz.

I did forget about KU recently becoming Transfer U, so that could minimize 2018 recruiting.

While it's not apples to apples- if you insert this projected 4 man 2018 class into the 2017 rankings, it would be 9 at best. Behind #8 Louisville and likely ahead of #9 Xavier.

Reading LSU and Oregon could sign very highly rated classes.