Here you go
by Bobnd80 (2017-09-10 00:49:13)
Edited on 2017-09-11 09:42:30

In reply to: Open Practice  posted by Tinley Park Irish

A team of Rex, Bonzie, Geben, Djogo, and Prentiss Hubb held the court for the first four games. Geben was assertive early and backed down Mooney for a couple of easy baskets. Hubb is smart, under control, can shoot the three and did not look out of place at all even when he played head to head against DJ. Djogo made a lot of threes - he was the biggest surprise for me.

Laszewski is a player. He can shoot the three, handle the ball and he seemed to enjoy the competition. Guarded Connaughton in one game and more than held his own. The crowd reacted more to his good play than anyone else.

Only saw Carmody and Goodwin play one game and neither did much. They have some work to do where I think laszewski and hubb can step in right away.

Rex was more aggressive with his outside shot and he made about half of his threes. Farrell and Gibbs went hard to the basket and both were strong finishers and passers.

Of the other bigs, Durham has the most potential but really none of them stood out to me. I was most disappointed in DJ Harvey's mid range shooting. Maybe just an off day, but by what I saw Djogo is better offensively than DJ and it isn't that close.

Will be interested in hearing what others thought. Bball season can't get here soon enough after more heartbreak across the road tonight.