Gut feeling, not any specific inside information.
by Kayo (2017-09-11 12:02:28)

In reply to: Basis for optimism  posted by fishyou

I do know the staff is optimistic about Laszewski, but that isn't driving me. I simply see that ND and Laszewski are a great fit.

1. Laszewski attends a private college prep high school. Nobody will be able to tell him that balancing ND's academic demands with basketball is too hard.

2. It would be hard not to like the potential teammates. This is an outstanding group of guys.

3. It's hard not to like the ND coaches. Brey is as good as it gets; and Humphrey, who would be Laszewski's position coach, makes one hell of a good impression on people.

4. He'd be joining an already outstanding recruiting class, so he knows the program will continue to succeed and might be in for a golden era.

5. He fills a need at Notre Dame, so he will play early if he does his part.

I could say many of the same things about Wake Forest. Danny Manning is doing a nice job building the program; and from watching Wake play, I think he's a good coach. However, Wake already has a five star commitment at Laszewski's position; and despite having the visit scheduled, Manning hedged his bet by offering a juco forward last week even though he only has one scholarship left.

My tea leaves say it will be Notre Dame.