the problem with Hubb is not just his trey %
by Ajax (2019-01-02 18:57:25)

In reply to: Where do you see Hubb making ST progress?  posted by Norm

it's the amount of treys he is taken, particularly with respect to the amount of twos he takes. Right now over 50% of his shots are treys (58 of 112).

I get him taking treys in late shot clock situations or when he is wide open (for a reason), but the early shot clock attempts and flat out forces are like turnovers.

Tory Jackson was a career 32% trey shooter at ND and a bad 24% as a frosh, but he averaged less than 2 trey attempts per game. Of his 202 FGA's as a frosh, just 54 were treys. He shot 48% on twos.

I am completely mystified how an experienced coach like Brey allows this.