by Ajax (2019-01-04 15:20:11)
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In reply to: Recruiting Questions  posted by DomerJon

1. Technically nd can take 2 and even 3 if Rex opts not to return. I predict 1 if Rex returns (likely a transfer) and 2 if he does not (transfer and a late rising 2019 recruit or one let out of his LOI).

2. ND not the favorite, but not sure who is. Maybe UConn, but they seem interested in other guys. ND not out of it, but unlikely. The only other name I have seen that ND may be monitoring is 6'10 David Skogman. At best he is a developmental 3 star. Averaging around 19 mpg on a very balanced D1 (largest class) team in Wisconsin. Currently ranked 8th and 8-1.
3. Anthony seems to be a pipedream. You almost wonder if he would like to commit to UNC now, but his dad is making him wait. Oregon is apparently a solid number 2 choice. I thought they were going to be on probation next season.