The proof will be in the pudding the next couple of years
by ronniewoo (2019-01-04 19:24:02)

In reply to: Would be great to parlay all that into 4 top 100 recruits  posted by Kayo

And I'm not talking about player development but rather the trajectory of our recruiting rankings. The 2018 class was good-very good. Rivals ranked our class 18th and 247 had us 15th. Not sure what class to put Durham in and I am very high on his potential. The fact remains that if we flame out this year combined with the 106th ranked class of 2017 (again excluding Durham) that will be very disappointing and in my opinion a missed opportunity of the fantastic years we had several years ago.

A related question or debate is what should the expectation be at Notre Dame? Can we ever expect to have a top ten ranked class? Is a good class a class ranked in the top 25? How many flame outs can we have before there is a call for a change in recruiting strategy or effort?