Random Thoughts
by Taxman (2019-01-05 15:37:20)

1. There is going to be a lot of negativity on this board the rest of this season. I want everyone to remember that two years from now when things have swung the other way. The freshmen and the two second year guys are struggling at this level now, but they will get better. They have talent. They have enough athleticism. They just need to get stronger in some cases (Lasz and Durham) and more experienced in all cases. It will be tough to get rolled a lot this year, but it won't last forever.

2. Right now, this minute, the best team we can put on the floor does not include Hubb. He is such an offensive liability, that he would need to be Gary Payton defensively to justify his presence on the floor. I trust Kayo that he will get better, but he is killing us right now. I would start Goodwin, move TJ to the point and reduce Hubb's minutes. That is, assuming I am trying to win games. If I am playing for next year, then letting Hubb play through this may be okay, although this has to be killing his confidence.

3. I keep saying it, but Lasz is 20 pounds of muscle away from being a beast. He is just so frail right now that he looks worse than he really is. He has great instincts and understands how to play, but he is physically overmatched. I was surprised to see he is shooting 40% from three for the year. It didn't seem like it.

4. There have been three games this year (Oklahoma, VT, and Cuse) where we have been buried by lights out three point shooting. It's not just bad luck, although it is partly that. We are too slow closing out on shooters and the zone we play is too slow to rotate. When Durham is in the game, we should play pressure man defense, guard the three point line like it was our sister's virginity and not worry about being beaten on the drive.

5. Brey hasn't forgotten how to coach. I also think the handwringing over recruiting is a bit too much. How do you get a recruiting class at ND like the one we just got? Answer-- you have to be able to offer immediate playing time. That's what high four stars want. After recruiting essentially an entire starting lineup of high level recruits, there were two ways the next year's recruiting could have gone. Swing for the fences. Or find some three star projects who might end up as the next Bonzie Colson. I could defend either approach and won't second guess Brey with the benefit of hindsight.

6. Kayo, can you ask Brey why Durham doesn't get more minutes? I assume it is conditioning, but I would really like to know. Thanks.