Thanks for your generous response.
by rsmith18 (2019-01-05 18:11:45)
Edited on 2019-01-05 18:17:07

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Not sure how i'm a piece of work with "Revisionist comments". Nothing has been revisionist actually. I clarified that he won't make 6 threes again this season and stated how difficult it is to make 6 a game, especially as a 35% 3PT shooter. Kudos to him for playing so well today.

Didn't know someone could get so upset by another poster saying a guy on an opposing team has a career night. Yes, ND's defense wasn't great but Hughes also made a ton of tough shots and played the best he has all year.

If you don't like someone being more optimistic about ND basketball and the future than you are, that's fine. I think this team will continue to improve believe it or not. Shocking, I know, a team full of underclassmen and 3 freshman playing big minutes will get better with more experience. That doesn't mean you have to have a contrary opinion on almost everything I say lol.