Nate definitely could. I think it'll depend on matchup
by rsmith18 (2019-01-05 19:50:06)
Edited on 2019-01-05 19:51:39

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Harvey sometimes plays small ball 4 but you could slide him to the 3 and play both Nate and Durham at the 4 and 5 depending on the opposing team... Brey did this in past years I believe starting Bonzie and Auguste together more towards the end of the year to get a better offensive rhythm than going with 2 bigs.

Not sure why you're using quotation marks around clarify but I believe it is better as it shows the offers the staff has extended and also the prospects that were mentioned in the article you attached. That is a better resource imo to show targets and offers, whereas the article you attached had only 2-3 guys who have been offered, and is a bit outdated as Galloway now has an offer. Both are good starts to see where recruiting is heading for 2020. I just personally like seeing who the staff has already offered and predictions on the landing spots.