I posted this once before....
by Tim Kelley (2019-01-05 23:14:22)

In reply to: Random Thoughts  posted by Taxman

For the reasons you mentioned, it is too early to reach any conclusions about the team or Brey. However, I believe that around the middle of the conference schedule would be a good time to review progress...progress from today until then. No one has or should expect any great results this year in terms of a W/L record, but it is my belief that we should expect palpable progress in how the players and the team develops. That’s more difficult to evaluate than game results, but given the situation it is what we should be focusing on. Personally, I don’t believe that the youth thing is something that can continually explain all issues for the entire year or multiple years. The fan base should expect progress with certain players and with certain phases of the game during the year.