Thank you for that explanation
by Ajax (2019-01-05 23:26:46)

In reply to: He wanted more playing time.  posted by rsmith18

But spoiler alert: WE ALL KNOW HE WANTED MORE PT and those on the board were well aware of what Brey said regarding him leaving amidst a youth movement, as well as his PT after the Chicago State game.

My point (try to keep up) was unless he had it confirmed the immediate transfer was a given, he went from at worst minimal PT this season to zero PT this season. He ultimately gave up the chance to play in over 25 more games this season. He could have finished out the season and then played his final season at Siena. I don't blame him for leaving (even though IMO captains should never bail), but I don't agree with his logic for leaving.

As noted, the NCAA has never allowed anyone to play at 2 schools in the same season. The choice for Burns was be a leader and accept sporadic PT with the possibility circumstances could change like last season or bail with the minimal hope he could play for Siena immediately.

The ever reliable 247 is still showing ND has interest in Stewart. Maybe you can also give us an "update" on him.