What's your issue?
by rsmith18 (2019-01-05 23:37:45)
Edited on 2019-01-05 23:44:13

In reply to: Thank you for that explanation  posted by Ajax

I'm not even arguing your post but just giving explanation for why he thought it was a good decision to transfer. I was hoping to have a normal conversation about his decision to transfer.

Do you have to be a jerk about it and take jabs at every point possible? You really can't help yourself and just have a normal conversation?

Did I do something to your family or something that I'm unaware of which is why you're giving me a hard time on anything, even when i'm not arguing?

Why even bring up 247 and Stewart? What does that add to the discussion on Burns other than trying to troll me because I like their recruiting content better than ESPN and other sites?

Just very odd you keep baiting me when there was no argument. This isn't 5th grade, guy.