My apologies for rubbing you the wrong way.
by rsmith18 (2019-01-06 00:10:14)
Edited on 2019-01-06 00:28:46

In reply to: Board exchanges that have occurred today  posted by Ajax

I apologize for rubbing you the wrong way. I hope we can just move on and have normal conversations about ND basketball from

With garbageplate I was discussing the schedule and what it would take to get to 9 wins. I guess I’m a lot more optimistic about this team than others on here but should do a better job of seeing others opinions too. I apologize for that.

Do I need to highlight the posts in which you trolled or pissed on me? I was responding to your post on Burns in a conversational tone as you said “it made zero sense to jump ship” unless he thought the waiver was a given. I was trying to have a civil conversation about it and explore both sides to why he left or should have stayed but instead you respond with a snarky response and tell me to “try to keep up”. You really just can’t help yourself I guess and can’t ever be wrong. Just one example:

I said Hubb has to eventually start making shots and your response is “
I predict there will be games where he makes one shot (like Va Tech).”... Really a huge contribution to the conversation.

I was hoping we could move on and for you to act like an adult but not sure that’s possible. If it is, I’d be happy to leave this beef or whatever is going on behind us and move on. I don’t know if you are having fun with this or whatever but I imagine it’s not fun for the rest of the posters to see two people argue about complete irrelevance and clutter up the board with middle school banter and arguments over semantics. I guess you feel the need to reply to almost every one of my posts with snark or contrarian views but hopefully we can move on and just enjoy this season with relevant input on the team and program.

I apologize if saying Burns wanted more playing time being the reason he left is old news. I didn’t intend for my post to be but your post also questioned why he would leave and maybe he just didn’t want to spend another year dealing with issues with his playing time.