When you shoot so poorly, you're going to look like that
by pmoose (2019-01-06 10:29:46)

In reply to: Thanks, I needed that. You and Kayo have eased my pain.  posted by Cbo86

We shot 25% in the 2nd half, and while some shots were forced, there were plenty of shots that were good looks that just didn't drop. I didn't particularly notice any problems with getting open looks on offense, it's just that we weren't hitting shots. We also didn't always make the right choices. For example, Hubb took a 3-point shot at the top of the key after the team moved the ball well when he could have made the extra pass to TJ, who is shooting really well right now when left open.

Maybe others have a different opinion of the 2nd half but it mostly appeared to me that the story is that they made shots and we didn't.