Hubb has some issues with BB fundamentals
by fbirish (2019-01-07 12:47:21)
Edited on 2019-01-07 14:17:46

I counted more than 15 instances against Syracuse that Hubb
caught the ball with the incorrect technique which plays a role
in his ability to get the ball into the shooting pocket correctly.

He often catches the ball with his hands at his waist, the correct
way is to have your hands at the shoulders or above, he also doesn't
extend his hands enough. This can cause a deflection etc. This causes
him to be slow to get in a triple threat position or in shot preparation.

I heard Bob Knight lecture for one hour on this very topic. He is
a true genius on BB fundamentals and beak down drills through which
you teach those fundamentals.

Hubb lacks strength in his lower body and legs but, you are not surprised
when a freshman has that issue.

He needs to shot fake more and get to the lane and find people.

His footwork, shot preparation and his technique for getting the ball
into the shooting pocket are a downright mess.

The good news is it can be corrected but it has to be diagnosed first.

You can tell that missing his senior year or most of it came at a cost.

He's behind the timeline.