Moving Gibbs to point takes away your best scorer
by btd (2019-01-07 19:45:46)

In reply to: That's part of ND's problem especially with Rex hurt  posted by fbirish

That's our issue and why Brey has Hubb playing point to begin with. ND is struggling to field a team with even 3 consistent scorers right now. Gibbs is one of them -- for better or worse. Move him to point and that drops his scoring probably by 40% and the person that comes in to replace him isn't much of a scorer. So its not like you take 15ppg + 4 ppg and change that to new guard at 10ppg and Gibbs at 15 ppg. You probably drop a few points in that move.

I don't see a lot of options beyond telling Hubb to shoot less 3 point shots and drive more to try and limit the effective turnovers from him whereby any 3 pt shot is a defacto turnover.