Strategy from last night's Oregon-UCLA game.
by Carlos Huerta (2019-01-11 08:45:13)
Edited on 2019-01-11 08:46:47

With three seconds left Oregon hits their first free throw to go up two points. UCLA has no timeouts left. Do you:

1. Tell your player to miss the second free throw ala the Duke/Butler title game.

2. Have him make it then try to foul immediately on the inbound.

3. Have him make it and play defense.

Oregon went with option 2 and UCLA was able to tie the game with a made FT, intentional miss and put back layup (I assume Mike Stuart wasn't reffing as it looked like they let an arc violation go). They actually got fouled on the layup and could have won the game in regulation but the kid missed. UCLA won in OT.