I'd be surprised
by crazymary (2019-01-11 11:13:22)
Edited on 2019-01-11 11:14:04

In reply to: Jaden Ivey article from SBT (link)  posted by MPG

like really surprised based on what I've heard going back to late summer/early fall if he doesn't go to Notre Dame or Ohio State. I'm sure Noie will get on it in his next big recruiting piece as there's a very tight relationship with Ohio State women's coach Kevin McGuff. (Former ND assistant while Niele was in school is like a father-type for Jaden if he decides to leave Michiana area for school). All that is of course assuming the schools don't end up with a better option at his position for 2020. He's definitely improving and had some impressive shooting displays this summer but it should be noted he isn't exactly playing anywhere near top-notch competition in the NIC at 3A Marian. It's weak competition nightly and will certainly hurt his ability to develop and improve.

I do like his game considerably more than fellow 2020 Trey Galloway though. I'm not even sure he's really a high-major at this point, just hasn't progressed enough yet.