Sorry, I likely wasn't clear, I was referencing Galloway
by crazymary (2019-01-12 10:29:00)
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from CMA as not being high-major kid at this time. He just hasn't progressed enough to match the early projections/offers on his game.

Ivey is a high-major kid just not as a top-option or two in a good programs's specific recruiting class as of today for a Notre Dame or Ohio State type program. As of today. But shooting translates and he seems to be getting more consistent.

I went to a few northern IN HS games while I was traveling through Indiana and Ohio. As you're fully aware, NIC and NLC basketball is a train wreck. The difference in talent at La lumiere with Brooks and Stewart (who apparently may end up at UW) and overall top-to-bottom is astounding. And there were about 52 people in the stands, just way different from when I was growing up in the area. The talent on the floor was noticeably absent even compared to the two-games I went to in the Indy/Danville area.