Da U was clearly inspired by the home “crowd”...
by Scoop80 (2019-02-06 22:02:26)
Edited on 2019-02-06 23:55:06

There might have been 1500 there. I attended games at Marist HS w/ bigger crowds back in the day. We sat 5 rows behind ND bench until the people whose seats we were in showed up with about 5:00 left in half.

Hubb was guarded by the shortest ACC starter I have seen since Muggsy Bogues. Hubb has to have 5” on Lykes. He scored 3 pts.

IIRC, Mooney had11 pts about 15 minutes into game. He finished w/ 11 w/ only 6 RB.

There’s nothing to add to what others said about Gibbs. He was scoreless well into garbage time.

Irish had 7 assists and 14 turnovers against an opponent that is 0-2 v. Ivy opponents. It was a tough night all the way around.