I think this is more about players being overplayed.
by GreenManorite (2019-02-06 23:41:35)

In reply to: I can stomach the bad shooting when it is in the offense.  posted by OITLinebacker

Several players are in for more minutes than I think is optimal. In a game like today, there is really no one to go to. Mooney can't play 30-35 minutes consistently, Gibbs can probably play the volume but doesn't really deserve it; same with Hubb and Djogo. The rest of the team is either freshman or injured and really should be contributing 15 minutes max. If people were all playing "optimal" minutes we wouldn't get to 200 minutes. Instead we have tired worn out players.

If we had Rex, Hubb, Gibbs and Harvey would all about roughly 10 minutes fewer. I feel like that would help the energy and flow.