the flip side of this
by Ajax (2019-02-07 00:06:50)
Edited on 2019-02-07 00:15:33

In reply to: I think this is more about players being overplayed.  posted by GreenManorite

Is Brey was lamenting early in the season he had too many options.

It does not seem like he is comfortable in maximizing depth- such as demanding his players in all classes to play smarter and harder. It does not appear the loose approach is working as well with this current roster.

There were so many 50/50 balls tonight where ND was not even close and they had 9 active SS players compared to Miami with 7.

Next season Brey will have 8 players with at least 500 ND career minutes played (plus Durham in his 3rd season in the program and Carmody). All 11 roster players will be in at least their second season- with 4 in at least their 4th.

I am quite sure in terms of career minutes Brey will never have had a roster with this many.