"this team" beat Purdue in Indy
by NDMike2001 (2019-02-07 07:08:05)

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Having Rex obviously makes/made a big difference. So does making shots. That's obvious, but in the 10-15 minutes Notre Dame looked decent. They made their first three shots from three, and even though they were cold after that, they were getting good looks. The shots just didn't fall. I actually missed the last few minutes of the first half, so I'm not sure when the wheels really started to fall off. But it was shortly into the 2nd half for me.

There wasn't much of a commitment to playing defense and they started taking poor shots. About halfway into the second half ND had an easy transition. Hubb just had to pass to the player(?) breaking down the middle of the court. Instead he looked like he was trying to take a pull up three and lost the ball.

Right now I think Hubb and Gibbs know that they will get 30 minutes out of necessity no matter how they play. The addition of Carmody and Rex should give them more incentive to be mindful of shot selection and team play. Unfortunately, the flip side is that it's going to be another rough patch trying to figure out how to get those guys to gel. Perhaps they can do a preseason trip/tournament to get things going. But it's still a major project.