Commentators keep saying the shooting is the problem...
by doug dascenzo (2019-02-07 08:35:13)

...but it's's the lack of ball movement and insistence by some players to go Iso.

Penetrate and kick, executed well, gets the ball into a shooter's hands with them facing the basket, defender trying to close out after helping down on the initial drive. While we might be getting "clean" looks now, they aren't squared up, and they are with more pressure than in past years.

Farrel, Demetrius, Jerian, Vasturia...recent guards have been able to both drive/finish but, more importantly, drive and dish at a high level. Gibbs is incapable of both...and Hubb is a freshman coming back from sitting out a year.

Goodwin, Laz, Djogo, Harvey...these are/will be EXCELLENT players to distribute around a drive and dish guard. But Gibbs is too busy going 2 for 11.

Still love Brey. Still like this Freshman class. But the leaning on the primary ballhandler to be a scorer this year (and last with Farrell once Bonzie went down) really hampers what this offensive flow is supposed to look like.