We are lacking someone who can drive and finish
by bmoreirish (2019-02-07 08:51:58)

In reply to: Commentators keep saying the shooting is the problem...  posted by doug dascenzo

That threat to finish at the rim is what opens everything up. That's what Jackson, Grant, Vasturia and, eventually, Farrell brought to the table. Bonzie also had a unique skill set in that he could do this from the mid-range on in. We are a better team when most of our shots are inside the arc, which means our three point attempts will be, as you say, pretty much uncontested.

Gibbs just simply doesn't have the explosiveness to get around defenders. He can go through them, but is just not consistent at finishing those plays. Hubb does not yet have the court awareness to recognize when to attack and when to kick. It is too obvious what his motives are when he drives right now. I believe Goodwin will develop the ability to finish at the rim, he has been getting the ball to good spots and has the size and body control to do it well. But, much like Vasturia, he should not be our main guy in that category.

When we can't drive to score, our offense grinds to a screeching halt like last night and is painful to watch. I think Brey needs to be pushing these guys to get to the hoop and learn how to finish on the fly. We will not win many games playing like we did last night.