Keep reminding myself of 2 things
by Orange_Irish (2019-02-07 09:31:40)

In reply to: Kayo and Taxman: can you provide a public service  posted by ocdomer78

1) Frosh don't typically play for a reason, and we're seeing why. Remember how big the jumps were among Grant, DJ, Pat C, Kurz, Carroll etc. Frosh who make an impact right away - like Tory Jackson or Luke Harangody are the exception. That said, I already feel like the ball movement is night and day for the frosh vs. where it was at the beginning of the year; and all of the frosh have shown flashes.

2)this is the time of year, when young guys start to hit the wall.

My primary negative takeaway thus far is that I don't feel like Brey has a long-term strategy in terms of how he builds his team for sustained success with how unbalanced the recruiting is.