Included 3 Top 100 players
by bmoreirish (2019-02-07 14:16:57)

In reply to: how about the 2-3 seasons before this?  posted by pjnuge

Bringing the total on this team to 8 (including Durham). 2 of them are injured.

I agree that it would be preferable for the classes to be more balanced in terms of numbers. However, I disagree with your point about being unathletic, they are just young and haven't picked up the speed of the game yet.

Brey has had two classes similar in numbers and star rating to this one: 2013 (Jackson, Vasturia, Beachem) and 2005 (McAlarney, Zeller, Ayers, Hillesland). Those guys won a lot of games. As freshmen the '05 group went 15-13, then 24-7, 25-8, and 21-15. The '13 group went 15-17, 32-6, 24-12, and 26-10. I'm not saying this is a sure thing, but there is enough evidence to believe that Brey will get them pointed in the right direction. This year is more painful than I would have hoped, but I don't buy the despair or the lack of talent. I would also point out that some of the best players Brey has had (like Harangody, Cooley, and Colson) were not his top rated recruits.

Keep in mind, Matt Ryan most likely left because he didn't see a path to a starting job. Obviously things change with injuries, but I don't think he would change the record of this team much.