Agree that NEVER missing the tournament is unrealistic
by combodraw (2019-02-07 14:26:55)
Edited on 2019-02-07 14:30:04

In reply to: I did the research on this once...  posted by ndroman21

but this will be the third time in six years missing the tournament. Yes, there's some awful bad luck in there (and two E8s in between!), but it's not like next year's team is a stone cold lock to get in either.

I think we need to hope that next year's team really turns a corner, leads to ND hoops being good/relevant for 3 years and we're able to turn that into consistent recruiting this time around.

I really hate being negative as Brey's teams have given me so much joy and great moments over the years but it's hard not to be demoralized at the current state of things.