I guess, it's good to be consistently mentioned
by crazymary (2019-02-07 16:08:39)
Edited on 2019-02-07 16:17:38

In reply to: Some Cole Anthony speculation  posted by DBCooper

in a 5-star type recruitment but never really understood all the excitement around this one in this particular situation/specific situation ND is currently in. This kid would help ND for a season, simply just a short-term quick gain. Nothing that would be long-lasting. ND isn't an Anthony away from being a Final Four type team, a kid like this isn't necessarily great for Brey in trying to build and teach the ND culture to these young guys. How we play every night etc.

In fact, he's likely going to set back the development of the younger kids on the roster. They are likely to defer to him offensively and not sure that's uber capatible with what we're used to seeing from Brey's good offensive rosters. It should also be noted that I'm not positive his current style-of-play is really "easy" to play alongside, there's been high-level HS kids mention he's a very good kid but lot of times their games don't necessarily mesh well together. Tough for some to play alongside if that makes sense. Absolutely not knocking his attitude or him as a kid, just that some styles are really tough to fit together.

I could see him being a big difference maker and pushing an already really good team over-the-top to make a Final Four. Don't really see him as being a big long-term push forward for ND, other than being able to say he landed another 5-star guard etc.

Obviously, landing a goose egg in a class is a huge issue though too.