So compare those numbers to this year.
by OITLinebacker (2019-02-07 16:50:30)

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I would also be curious to put the Freshman in a different sort of context: First year of playing time with the program. Transfers have played some roles for Brey's team (including Durham this year). Also if you discount the pre-injury minutes of Harvey and consider him a first year player (like many on this board do), then I would say there is a sizable portion of this years minutes being played by "first timers".

Inserting Djogo into the starting lineup changes that a bit lately, but there has been a time or two where ND has put out a lineup that was made up of players who had 0 minutes of previous year game action under Brey. I'm looking at the numbers your posting and seeing that on average over half the minutes and over half the points are coming from Juniors/Seniors. Mooney seems to be good for his share, but after that you need Gibbs or Djogo or Durham to have a good night to come up with the rest of that 50%.

I worry that some of these same issues will crop up again in 2 years when the next 1 person class is a senior. I think the difference is that a lot of the underclassmen in that class are now battle tested and that is something that this Junior class didn't really have.