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by Ajax (2019-02-07 22:30:36)
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In reply to: Nope. Mooney got reps all year. Harvey was injured.  posted by rsmith18

Harvey was injured on 1/16/2018. He was rotation player who was getting practice reps with the starters between 10/1/17 and 1/16/2018, in addition to 345 game minutes. He had 3.5 months within the system and not as a scout player like Mooney was as a frosh while playing 46 garbage time minutes. Mooney's reps as a frosh are not apples to apples to the reps Harvey had as a frosh. IMO the actual PT and level of practice reps even out the comparison.

The injury has certainly set him back, but the rationalization he is essentially a first year player holds no water for the 3.5 months he had in 17-18 as a rotation player.