ND scored only 6 points though 11:46 in the 1st half
by Georgia Hog (2019-02-11 07:46:01)

when Harvey hit a mid-range jumper to get to 8. Through roughly 30% of the game, the Irish were on pace to score only about 20 points for the whole game. Mooney, heretofore our one consistent offensive weapon was 2/7 at the time, and the rest of the team was a combined 1/14. We suffered through a near 8-minute stretch (20% of the game) without a point.

From that point, the Irish scored 63 points in 28:13, or about 84 point per game pace. In the final 28:13, Gibbs scored 20, Harvey scored 16, and Hubb scored 13. Mooney only had 7 more the rest of the way. We shot only 2 FTs in the first half and 23 in the 2nd half. I don't know if that's a product of more aggressive play by the Irish (if so, it wasn't obvious) or by the refs simply calling more fouls (they were pretty stringy with the calls in the 1st half).

What did everybody else see? What it simply that we started to make shots in the 2nd half that we kissed in the 1st? We're we more aggressive penetrating the zone? Were the refs calling it tighter? One thing I noticed is that we really hit the offensive glass. I'm not sure how many second-chance points we had, but we had 20 offensive rebounds for the game (which has to be a record for a Brey-coaches team), and attempted 10 more FGs and 12 more FTs than Tech as a result of a +6 rebounding advantage and 6 fewer turnovers.

Whatever the case, and noting the obvious, this team really needs Gibbs and Harvey to pick up some of the scoring slack so that opposing defenses can't focus on stopping Mooney.

I'm not taking too much from the game either way. It was
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good to see Gibbs have a nice game and the team bounced back some after the poor Miami effort. It was also the 10th time this year that we missed 20 or more three pt. shots in a game. We are currently 279th in the country in three pt. shooting% but are taking threes at the 52nd highest rate in the country- obviously not a good combo.

Brey's philosophy?
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Shoot your way out of a slump?

Is that what you think? *
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Re: Brey's Philosophy
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And one thing I don’t understand. The announcers discussed Brey's admission that he is struggling with whether to change the offensive scheme to try to get something going even though he recruited players who he thought fit his free-flowing read and react offense. Cory Alexander said he thought Brey should stay the course, and that eventually the younger players, including Harvey, would start feeling more comfortable in the system and start converting the open looks they are getting.

I think you can make good arguments for and against that approach. However, I don’t understand why we never push the ball. Why not try to get the ball upcourt before the defense is set and get some easy looks and conversions to build the confidence of a young team and one whose few veterans are struggling at the offensive end?