He is a much different player then McClung
by JBrock18 (2019-02-11 12:25:13)

In reply to: It will be interesting if his college career is as good as  posted by Ajax

His HS gym is a long par 5 from my house. I saw both he and Jurkovec play a ton in HS. Phil's HS is about 5 minutes away as well. Robby is bigger and in HS was more of a spot up shooter than one who was able to shoot off the dribble like McClung. Robby is probably a better finisher inside because of his size too and when he does put it on the floor he usually takes it all the way to the hoop. He isn't the ball handler McClung is but, he wont need to be given the position he will play at ND. For a guard Robby rebounded really well in HS. He is a good leaper and seemed willing to go get boards too. I'm sure being 6-4 to 6-5 helped but I think he can duplicate that at ND. He is a confident player, but also one who at times lets his emotions get the best of him. He has a lot of Grayson Allen in him in that regard and will need to mature to reach his full potential. McClung will probably put up consistently larger numbers just because he will handle the ball a lot more over his career, but Carmody should provide consistent double figures scoring from the wing once he gets his chance.