He's probably my favorite poster on NDN,
by combodraw (2019-02-11 12:45:51)

In reply to: Jackass posters drove him away.  posted by Section 12

I've always looked forward to his posts after games, and I really wish he were regularly posting this year with some random thoughts to help make sense to this disaster of a season, but he probably needs to have a little bit of thicker skin.

The team is 3-8 in the ACC after a poor showing in non-conference. It's almost impossible to discuss the team without discouragement and some negativity seeping in. Yes, you hope for some perspective with that to make the discussion balanced and more worthwhile but none of us should be surprised to see people blowing off some steam after each awful performance.

I understand that the posters that drove him away were mostly hit and run types and not deep well written analyses, but it still is an opportunity for a good poster/writer to provide some context during an awful season rather than just go away.