I look at it this way. If you understand the benefits
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that football gets vs basketball, then I don't understand why you then would say you can't understand why Kelly gets no respect and Brey only gets praise. I think there has been acknowledgement of some gaps in recruiting by Brey and what has been a bit of an uneven roster. Some of that has been caused by transfers, injury, and some recruiting reaches that didn't pan out. Some of it is probably some questionable decisions by Brey in managing the roster.

I think it hasn't helped that Brian Kelly has been a know it all prick for much of his tenure. On the flip side, you don't ever hear much of Mike Brey spouting off about how many years he has coached and how difficult his job is. Mike Brey has an incredibly difficult job managing a roster of only 10-11 guys of which most have to be recruiting hits that leans on development. It's pretty hard to find many players that weren't genuinely likable within the basketball program. I'm not saying the football program has bad guys at all - just saying we recruit different types of players for basketball. They generally aren't going to be the elite or close to elite players who are going to be more coddled. I don't have much patience for that stuff.

It's pretty easy to go into a bar in town and strike up a conversation with Mike Brey. I'm not sure you could say the same for Kelly and quite honestly, I have no desire to even approach the guy for a conversation. There is a lot to be said for likability giving someone a longer leash.

Lastly, some of it is context. Brian Kelly accumulated two very nice years which appear now to have been benefits of some easier schedules than anticipated. When the best competition came our way, it wasn't even close. That gets frustrating. I think if we were competitive, there would be a much different view on the past two years. In the case of Mike Brey, we went toe to toe with Kentucky in the Elite 8 which I thought was one of the best college basketball teams I've seen in recent years. That's called getting your guys to perform and earns you a lot of respect. That doesn't mean I'm not frustrated and disappointed with this year but it does mean I'm realistic in understanding how we have gotten to this year. I expect player development and maybe a grad transfer will yield a team next year that will get into the NCAA tournament next year without a lot of sweat.