MB had a team that could've won NC w/ a lucky bounce or 2...
by Scoop80 (2019-02-11 21:59:23)

In reply to: You lose me in your last paragraph  posted by bluengold07

Said team went 2-1 HTH v. eventual NC's. It won decisively on consecutive nights against 2 marquee programs in their home state. It gave an undefeated UK team all it could handle. BK, OTOH, had a team that might've had a shot at winning a NC had 1 of the AL team buses gotten into a serious accident on its way to the game.

MB doesn't have a national TV contract, he doesn't have decades of tradition to sell, he doesn't have the resources FB has, and he does have a campus that is largely indifferent about his sport.* MB didn't reach for a perceived higher rung the first time it was presented to him,** he has never been an embarrassment on the sidelines, and he has never thrown players under the bus in public.

Other than that, I can't see why people prefer MB.

*In hindsight, it occasionally amazes me when I recall how much MBB was part of campus fabric in my day.
**A MD alum I know who's plugged into their program told me: "I thought that we had Brey" after Williams stepped down.