It was. However...
by Kayo (2019-02-12 05:45:58)

In reply to: The team was trending down before the injuries  posted by irishaddict

The same was true of the 2015-16 team. It lost three non-conference games, one to Monmouth, one to Alabama (18-15/8/10 for the season), and one to Indiana (a good team). It lost at home to Pitt in game two of the conference season.

Ultimately the 2015-16 team earned a double bye in the ACC tournament knocking off North Carolina, Louisville, and Duke along the way; beat Duke again in the conference tournament; and lost to eventual champion North Carolina in the NCAA regoial final.

I don't know what last season's team would have become, but it never got a chance to gel like the 2015-16 team did.