Brey doesn't "get a pass."
by NDMike2001 (2019-02-12 09:37:50)

In reply to: I just don't get the double-standard re: football and hoops  posted by bluengold07

He is accountable for his results. Nobody said that he isn't. People just want intelligent debate.

Last year was the first time in several years that Notre Dame failed to live up to expectations. And the expectations were lofty despite losing Beachem, Vasturia and Ryan before the season. Then you lose Colson, Farrell and Harvey during the season.

The next season everyone knew was a rebuilding year. And in that rebuilding year they have lost the one senior leader that was expected to keep things together...DURING a game in which they held on to beat what is now the 12th ranked team in the country.

Brey doesn't "get a pass" for poor coaching. There have been plenty of discussions regarding recruiting disappointments and end of game situations this season that have been questioned. However, there should at least be some recognition that injuries have put some rather significant restraints on the last two seasons.

As for recruiting, Brey has received a bit of a "pass" insofar as many have opined that the facilities were a significant detriment to recruiting. Many will be extremely disappointed if Brey cannot see significant improvement on that front.

As for Kelly, his recruiting woes have been well documented despite coaching at one of the most prestigious programs in the country. Their average ranking is closer to 15th every year than it is top 5. One might argue that Kelly overachieves with respect his overall talent. However, most believe that Notre Dame has a higher bar. So yes, Kelly gets the blame for not meeting the bar. Did the team overachieve this year? Most would say yes. But has Kelly met or exceed the bar? What do you think?